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Jason Jackson, Director of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures




Giving to the Mathers Museum of World Cultures

As noted in its Mission Statement, "the Mathers Museum is Indiana University’s museum of world cultures. Through its collections, exhibits, and programs, the Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting knowledge of the world’s cultures, past and present. In all of its activities, the Museum strives to further its audiences’ understanding of both the diversity of the world’s specific cultures and the underlying unity of culture as a human phenomenon."

Financial donations to the museum strengthen this work and are deeply appreciated by IU students and faculty, community partners, researchers, and others who benefit from, and support, the museum's important mission.

Give Now

For those who wish to make a donation online, this is easy to do using the "Give Now" button. Online contributions can be made to three IU Foundation funds: the Geoffrey and Karen Conrad Endowment is an endowed fund supporting a diversity of special museum projects; the Traditional Arts Indiana Fund, supporting cultural heritage research, exhibits, and programming around the state of Indiana; and the Mathers Museum Annual Fund helps support the museum's vital work on a year to year basis. Those wishing to support the work of the museum in other ways are always encouraged to contact me.

Thank you very much for your support.

Jason Baird Jackson, Director